Born and raised on the beautiful and sunny island of Jamaica, Michael Lewis story and musical journey were fueled by his ambition to follow his dreams without conforming to society’s standards.

As an avid music lover spending his childhood between Miami and Kingston, music was uncharted territory for a young Michael, and at the age of 10 it was his football coach, renowned billboard producer Jeremy Harding that gave him his first studio experience opportunity to voice and record. The rest as they say, is history.

Michael who later adopted the moniker of Kushgad, was influenced by an eclectic range of music stemming from his parents blaring Chicago, earth wind and fire, to the sounds of Jamaica’s meshing Sanchez and Bounty Killer, and from his own rap formed influenced in the streets of Miami by listening to Tupac and bone thugs and harmony. The latter playing a major impact on his style, lyrical flow and delivery.

Kushgad name derives from his lifestyle and philosophy, “I had a hobby of growing kush, I gave it light, food, water. I felt like a god, I was in control of producing the flower. Kush to me became more than smoke. Kush is precious like diamond, it is quality, it has kingly tendency, greatness… so am I.”.

Honing his craft with writing and producing, Kushgad first noteworthy release was produced by renowned ZJ Chrome. The single “get hype” on the smoking riddim received worldwide airplay and recognition. After releasing his “Weed be together 420” ep, Kushgad kicked off 2019 with a party anthem “Weed & Hennessy” which garnered a blazing video.